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JS3tream -h usage output

JS3tream v0.6.2 - December 19, 2007
Protected under the LGPL
Copyright (c) Shane Powell 2007

[-K,--keyfile] <file> - A key/secret properties file. This is the preferred
    method.  The property file must have 2 entries each on it's own line
        key=<your key id>
        secret=<your s3 secret>

[-k,--key]  - The Amazon S3 Key ID.  Not needed with -K option.

[-s,--secret]  - The Amazon S3 Secret Key.  It is not a good idea
    to use this option Because someone can do a 'ps' on your system, and see
    the full command line, including your Secret and key.
    Use the -K method instead.

[-b,--bucket] <bucket><:prefix> - The Amazon S3 bucket.  This is what we
    refer to as an S3 Archive.  You can also specify an optional object
    prefix with the ":" character. This allows a single bucket to hold
    multiple streams of data.  For example "bucket-1234:A" puts all the
    data into bucket "bucket-1234" and prefixes each data block with "A".
    You can then put another stream into "bucket-1234:B" and they will
    not impact each other.

[-i,--in] Read the STDIN stream, and send it to S3.

[-o,--out] - Read the data from S3, and pipe it to STDOUT

[-l,--list] - List the archives on S3. This is basically the list of S3
    buckets.  If you provide a bucket name, it it will list the contents of
    the bucket

[-d,--delete] - Delete the S3 archive.  If you specified a prefix, then only
    the data associated with that bucket:prefix combo is deleted.  If you
    did not specify a prefix then ALL bucket data, and the bucket itself
    will be deleted

[-t,--tag] - Add a description tag to the s3 stream.  This will be displayed
    with the -l option.

[-p,--pretend] - Pretend to perform the requested action and output what
    would have happened to stderr.  Implies -v option.

[-f,--file] - Buffer all stream data into temp file rather than memory.
    This is affected by the -z option.  Use this when you want to send
    very large stream parts.

[-z,--size] - Specify the size in bytes that the stream will be broken into
    inside the bucket. Default is 5000000 This can impact memory requirements
    on your system, as a buffer if this size is created in memroy or on file
    based on the -f option.  This is only used when sending data to S3 with
    the -i option.

[-n,--neverdie] - Specify this option to tell JS3tream to NEVER giveup try
    to send data to S3.  The default is to make 5 attempts, then quit.
    But, if this happens, then we must restart the entire operation.
    However, specify the -n option, and JS3tream will trying to complete the
    operation, unless broken by the user.  After 5 failed attempts in a row,
    JS3tream will wait 30 minutes, and start another 5 retries.  This will
    repeat forever.

[-v,--verbose] - Output Verbose activity messages to stderr.
    This has no impact on your stdin or sdtout streams

[-V, --version] - Output the JS3tream version.

[--debug] - Turn on Debugging output.  This will result in more detailed
    status messages.

[-h,--help] - Print this usage.