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Backup using ZIP and JS3tream in Windows

The good news is, using ZIP and jS3tream together on windows is a lot easier than you might think. All you need to do is zip your files, and then use JS3tream to send the zip to Amazon. Just that easy. If your looking for incremental backups though, I'd suggest you try using something like tar for that. Perhaps there is a ZIP utility out there that does incremental backups though. I'm afraid I just don't know the answer to that one.

Create your zip archive

I'm not going to try and explain how to use zip here. This is beyond the scope of this help file. Hopefully you have found a zip utility that you like to use, and are familiar with. I'll suggest a few here just to help a bit.

Now, it's as simple as using one of these utilities, and creating a zip file archive of the files you wish to backup to the Amazon S3 system.

Send to S3

One you have your archive ZIP file, it's time to stream it to S3. From the command prompt, you simply need to pipe the file through jS3tream with the Windows "type" command.

  type archive.zip | java -jar js3tream.jar -K mykey.txt -b mybucket:archive.zip -i -t "An archive of my music directory"

Restore from s3

To restore the archived file, we need to fetch it from S3, and redirect it into a file. The resulting file will be byte for byte, the same as the zip file you sent previously. Now, simply extract the zip file to where ever you want, and revel in the fact that you backed up your data.

java -jar js3tream.jar -K mykey.txt -b mybucket:etc.tgz -o > archive.zip